Feng Shui Introduction – Part 1

The purpose of this feng shui introduction is to give you a general overview of the concepts of compass feng shui (traditional feng shui.)

What is Feng Shui?  What is Chi?  What is a Feng Shui Chi Chart?

For thousands of years, humans have tried to beneficially situate themselves and their structures, possessions and activities between heaven and earth.  To achieve this we have used tools such as divination, dowsing and geomancy (literally meaning “to measure the earth”).

The Chinese practice of geomancy (Feng Shui) is a 5,000 year-old tradition based on the Five Element Theory that operates throughout Chinese culture in acupuncture, architecture, music, food and many other disciplines.

At the core of Feng Shui is the concept of Chi as the vital life force that permeates everything.  Chi is created, used and destroyed and recreated by life itself. When you are calm, relaxed and in a meditative state, you are creating Chi.  When you are angry you are destroying Chi. When the environment is serene and the elements interface in a productive way, Chi is created. When the environment is polluted and inappropriate, Chi is destroyed. It’s all about the Chi life force.  Chi affects our health, wealth, relationships, work, creativity, travel, knowledge, reputation, and children and helpful people in our lives. It is the source of peace, prosperity and well being. Obviously then we want to have Chi in our lives in a constant flow.

Chi, which means energy, is present everywhere and in everything – in people, plants, mountains, furniture, objects, the atmosphere, etc.  A Feng Shui Chi Chart is a visual representation of the Chi that condensed at a particular moment in time, for example, to form YOU at birth!  Your Feng Shui Chi Chart can help you increase balance, harmony and success in a variety of ways.

A Chi Chart is a good initial step in Feng Shui because you can overlay it on the footprint of a building, room, land lot, or any geographic location to show your strengths and weaknesses at given compass points.  In addition, the Feng Shui Chi Chart of one person may be compared to that of another person which allows business partners or associates, families, couples or any group to see how balanced or unbalanced they are as a group/team/family and where changes and improvements can be made to promote harmony using Feng Shui solutions.

Your Personal Chi Chart is a microcosmic map of yourself in geomantic terms; it’s a compass by which you can navigate your own personal journey between Heaven and Earth.

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